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The World’s Big Sleep Out

The World’s Big Sleepout was a global campaign that took place on December 7th 2019. Backed by Will Smith, Dame Helen Mirren and A-list musicians, this was the world’s largest ever campaign to end homelessness. The campaign staged ‘sleep out’ fundraising events in over 52 cities cities throughout the World including Times Square, New York and Trafalgar Square, London. 60,000 people slept out in unison in the world’s largest display of solidarity for homeless and displaced people, and raised funds for charities all over the world.

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Social Bite Village

The Social Bite Village is an innovative, highly supported community for people affected by homelessness. The purpose of the Village is to offer the right support, living environment and opportunities for someone from a situation of homelessness to build an independent life.

The Village is made up of 10 ‘NestHouses’ – each shared by two residents plus an additional unit for staff. There is also a large, central Community Hub, which is the focus of community life – where residents can cook, eat and socialise together. The Hub is also the base for much of our training and support activities. Since its launch in 2018 the village has helped over 75 people out of homelessness.

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Social Bite

Social Bite is a nationwide social enterprise based in Scotland. Social Bite started as a small sandwich shop in Edinburgh and accidentally became involved with the homeless issue when a young homeless man named Pete Hart asked for a job one day. Today Social Bite employs over 75 people, with around one third of the employee base coming from a background of homelessness. The chain of cafes also distributes around 200,000 items of food and hot drinks to homeless people each year.

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Housing First

‘Housing First’ is simple and it aims to turn the existing homelessness system on its head. Rather than making extremely vulnerable people, often with complex needs, sleep rough or in unsupported places such as hostels or B&Bs, Housing First gives people a safe home of their own and then puts in a place a support structure to help them sustain their tenancy, re-integrate into society; and ultimately thrive. Housing First is a truly transformative programme that provides a human-centred, kind and compassionate response to the systemic issue of homelessness.

The Housing First Scotland programme is delivered in partnership with Social Bite, The Scottish Government, Corra Foundation and Homeless Network Scotland. Since the program started in April 2019, over 1000 people now in a permanent home of their own.

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In 2016, alongside Alan Mahon, Josh co-founded Brewgooder. Brewgooder is a craft beer company that donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects. Our beer is stocked in many major supermarkets and bars and the organisation has so far funded numerous clean water projects in Malawi Africa.

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Scottish Business Awards

Josh founded the Scottish Business Awards in 2012 which went on to become the UK’s largest business dinner attracting over 2000 guests annually. The Scottish Business Awards attracted speakers including Sir Bob Geldof, President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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